Aerial Intelligence For Industrial Applications

We are a Tampa based, full-service aerial data provider transforming the turf, solar, inspection, mining, and construction industry.

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Unlock Insights Never Before Seen

We equip professionals with an end-to-end aerial data solution specific to their needs. We provide UAV flight services, aerial data, and industry-specific software and analysis services. The result? Accurate data, increased efficiency, and aerial insights never before accessible.

Simple & Streamlined Workflow


Safety and compliance is our highest priority. We monitor regulations and weather to ensure we're in full compliance. Once our teams are fully aligned, we take to the sky. 


We coordinate with your team to ensure a successful flight. We've flown everything from small properties to 400-acre golf courses.


Immediately after a completed flight, we begin processing the aerial imagery. If your needs require custom industry-specific software, we'll be sure you have all of the software access you need to collect the intel you need.


Our deliverables include far more than the raw imagery. We'll provide you full access to your aerial data viewable within software built specifically for professionals within your industry.

Client Spotlight

Skyscrape Aerials is helping a local Florida golf course reduce fertilizer costs, increase labor efficiency, and pinpoint problem areas in a fraction of the time it normally would. Crew members can now to spot turf issues invisible to the human eye.

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  • We can now forecast problem areas and improve course conditions like never before.  We've also uncovered tons of unexpected findings. Things like mowing impact, traffic, shade, and application patterns are all problems we can now act on. Skyscrape Aerials saves us money by helping us react to problems quicker than ever.  It's a highly recommended service!
    Andy Neiswender
    Florida Head Superintendent

We're Setting a New Industry Standard.

It’s rare for an emerging technology to deliver such immense value the way drones have for commercial applications. The operational benefits provide incredible ROI on any project. Increasing efficiency and data accuracy all while avoiding hazardous manhours is the future we all envision. We’re proud to make it possible.

Here's what's included with every flight...

Fully Insured

FAA Part 107 Certified

Experienced Pilots

100% Satisfaction Rating

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