Our Mission

Our mission is to help commercial businesses unlock new project insights while producing a safer, more efficient workflow. We do this through the use of aerial data collection, 3D modeling, and cutting-edge, industry-specific software.

Meet your pilot, Zach Tyler

Founder, CEO

Zach Tyler is the Founder and Chief-Pilot at Skyscrape Aerials. As a longtime advocate of aviation and technology, he became an early adopter of drone technology and the commercial applications that can be derived from aerial photogrammetry. After receiving his FAA Part 107 certified UAV pilot’s license in 2015, Zach began specializing in 3D modeling and photogrammetry for professionals within the solar, agriculture, and construction industry. As a lifelong student of the rapidly evolving drone industry, Zach enjoys integrating aerial data with cutting-edge mapping software to deliver insights that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Zach lives in Tampa, FL with his wife and dog, and when he’s not helping golf courses access their turf conditions, he enjoys exploring golf courses in the region and playing eighteen holes.

Based in Tampa, FL, and servicing commercial businesses nationwide.

E: zach@skyscrapeaerials.com
P: (813) 644-9933

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