Aerial Construction Monitoring 

We are a Tampa based, full-service aerial data provider transforming how construction companies monitor, inspect, and measure job progress.

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Manage, Measure, and Monitor Projects with Aerial Imagery

Understand what’s happening on your job site and make better decisions with aerial data. Simplify every phase of construction with tools required to stay on top of the job site. Overlay project plans on top of up-to-date imagery, see progress over time and determine measurements all with exportable aerial imagery.


Safety and compliance is our highest priority. We monitor regulations and weather to ensure we're in full compliance. Once our teams are fully aligned, we take to the sky. 


We coordinate with your team to ensure a successful flight. We're quick and are able to complete most construction flights in under an hour.


Immediately after a completed flight, we begin processing the aerial imagery. We can then supply aerial maps loaded within software build specifically for assisting construction professionals.


Our deliverables include far more than the raw imagery. We'll provide you full access to your aerial data viewable within software built specifically for professionals within your industry.

We Play Nicely With Solutions You're Already Using

Skyscrape Aerials is able to provide you software solutions for progress tracking, inspection, and reporting. However, if you're already using your own software solutions, we are able to sync our files into your existing system.

We can export directly into AutoDesk, ProCore, AGTEK, Fulcrum, or Unearth. We also support exports of GeoTIFF, JPG, Shapefile, OBJ, LAS, XYZ, and DXF/SHP files.

We're Setting a New Industry Standard.

It’s rare for an emerging technology to deliver such immense value the way drones have for roofing and inspection applications. The operational benefits provide incredible ROI on any project. Increasing efficiency and data accuracy all while avoiding hazardous manhours is the future we all envision. We’re proud to make it possible.

Here's what's included with every flight...

Fully Insured

FAA Part 107 Certified

Experienced Pilots

100% Satisfaction Rating

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Interested in learning more? To prove our capabilities, we're offering our first flight and deliverables for free. There's no better way to see the value than on your roofing projects firsthand. We’re based in Tampa, FL, and service the entire southeast region.

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